A microservice can be decomposed into three distinct layers: endpoint, service, and persistence layer. These layers serve different but important functions.

Endpoint Layer

The primary function of the endpoint layer is to validate requests.

  • Does the information make sense? Are they within expected ranges?
  • Is the requester authorized to make this request?

Note: You might hear this layer called the controller layer. I prefer endpoint but to each their own.

Service Layer

The service layer is where the actual business logic lives. …

Below are tools that I use on a daily basis that my life as a software engineer easier.

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Command Line

iTerm: A must if you interact with the command line much on macOS

Oh My Zsh: Improves the UX of using the terminal


Intellij IDEA: for must anything JVM

Visual Studio Code: for just about anything else

PlantUML: A quick way to make UML diagrams using a markup language rather than a drag and drop interface. Best part is, it integrates with Boostnote. You can easily run plantUML on your own machine with docker using the following command.

docker run -d -p…

Javascript Consumer Contract in VS Code

Below is a list of VS Codes Extensions I find helpful (in no particular order):

Look and Feel

Code Formatting and Linting

Source Control



I have IBBS (itty-bitty-brain-syndrome), so this article is written selfishly for myself to reference kubernetes commands that I find helpful. It will be added to as I find more and more useful commands.

Photo by Marek Levák on Unsplash

Forward a port from a pod to your local machine

The command below forwards port 80on the pod pact-broker-5cdc98cc4b-jgfzf to port 9000 locally on your machine.

kubectl port-forward pact-broker-5cdc98cc4b-jgfzf 9000:80

Decoding Secrets

  1. First, view the secrets (these are base64 encoded)
kubectl get secrets
kubectl get secret <secret-name> -o yaml
Echo '<secret-value>' | base64 --decode | pbcopy

Easily switch between clusters and namespaces

This can get real monotonous real quick. …

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